USS Current Related Web Sites


                            Agent Orange Exposure to Brown Water Navy Ships                            

                              Construction of ARS's at Basalt Rock Company

                                Video of  V-J Day in Honolulu August 14, 1945    

                                                Navy Divers Association                           

                                                       Mesothelioma Cancer Center

                                 Ships' Positions at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

                             U Tube Video of USS Current Raising the Japanese Sub            

                                   The Japanese Midget Submarines at Pearl Harbor

                               The Story of the Japanese Kaiten suicide submarines

                              Typhoon Louise the October 9, 1945 Storm at Okinawa                                  

                           The Disposition of Target Ships from Operation Crossroads           

                           The Slow Death of USS Chehalis AOG-48 by Paul Gryniewicz

                                           The SS Quartette Grounding Investigation

                      The Appeal Hearing in the SS Quartette Grounding Investigation

                               The SS Cornhusker Mariner Grounding Investigation

                               The Collision and Sinking of the USS Stickleback SS-415

                                 The Story of APL-26   USS Current's 7,000 Mile Tow              

                                          Music from the Vietnam Era, the 60's & 70's                                    

                             The Grounding of USS Guardfish SSN-612 at Pearl Harbor

                                  Jack Faessler's Harbor Clearance Unit One Website                   

                                    The National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors                                       

                                                      The Subic Bay Web Site

                                                Captain Charles Fuld's Career Story

                                                                   Flash Earth  

                                            Jane Resture's Palmyra Atoll Website          





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